Constipation Always Comes to an End

A lot of us work extremely hard at achieving our goals, whether it be building our careers, chasing our dreams, sculpting our bodies, or even finding our ideal lovers. We all deserve no less than tremendous respect for the sweat and tears we’ve put in.

Bursting Bubbles

At the same time, have we ever wondered if some of our goals and motivations may be misguided? Perhaps we have been inclined by the expectations of others and are likely to fall apart when the going gets tough. Or, maybe our motivations are 100% in the right place and we are truly destined to achieve great success.

In this Q&A, a lady who had convinced herself she would eventually become president of the U.S. found herself in a completely different place than she ever expected. Go ahead, read her post – it’s very thought provoking.

As she recounts her story, she paints a picture of what it was like to let go of her entire identity and set the bar at a different height. You know how she describes it?

“Holy shit I was constipated for 30 years. And now it just pours out left and right.”Ellen Vrana, in What’s it like to realize that you didn’t make it?

It’s kinda jokes, but in all seriousness, this is super valuable in understanding our motivations, and ultimately, our ability to succeed.

Are we truly fueled up and ready to go, or are we just constipated and full of shit from all the garbage that society has been shoving down our throat?

When we close our eyes and think of the challenges we seek to overcome, do the voices that speak to us come from other people in our lives and images we saw on the television screen, or do they come from deep within our hearts?

Real fuel from the heart endures. Constipation does not.